Village Events

Musicians and Singers taking part in the 2016 Dalwood Music Day

(in alphabetical order)

Axe Valley Community Choir                                       Edward Jacob's popular Choir from the Axe Valley

"City Steam"                                                                    Dave Martin's lively Trad Jazz Band from Devon

Corrydale Singers                                                           Dalwood's  Show Singers

The Duncan Anselm Quintet                                         Jazz Quintet lead by saxophonist Duncan Anselm
                                                                                            Duncan on alto, Tony Roberts - tenor sax & flute, Richard Llewelyn
                                                                                            guitar, Dave Roberts - bass and Geoff Gordon - drums.

Edward Jacobs                                                                  AVCC's Musical Director also plays piano with "Trichord"

Fliss Gorst's Jivestar Band                                             Swinging, Rocking 50s Band led by Fliss Gorst
(from Axminster) and

                                                                                             fronted by  Fliss Gorst (tenor sax) and singer Kai Hofmann,

                                                                                            with Graeme Taylor on piano, Graham Hutton - trumpet,

                                                                                            Gary Evans - drums & Al Swainger - bass                                                      

The Maggie Reeday Quartet                                           Well-known singer Maggie Reeday accompanied by James Clemas
                                                                                             piano, Jim Rintoul- bass and Jim Newton - drums

Maggie's Mix                                                                     Local singing Group from Yarcombe directed & accompanied by Maggie Lane

"eMu"  -    Mike Highfield & Jon Maybey                     Lively Folk Duo from Somerset

The Old Peculiars                                                             Dalwood's very own "Boy" band !?

"Piping Hot"                                                                     Classical Trio: Annette Freathy, Maggie Lane, Michael Bradbury

Renaissance Chorus                                                        Ladies' A Cappella Choir from Sidmouth

Richard Llewelyn                                                             Accomplished Guitarist from Chard (in the Duncan Anselm Quintet
                                                                                            and in a Duo with Tony Roberts)

Shiraz  (Shirley & Sharon)                                            Contemporary singer songwriters from Dorset

St. Mary's School String Orchestra & Wind Band     Children's Orchestras directed by Rachel Burrough and
                                                                                             accompanied on piano by Margaret Hurford

Tony Roberts                                                                     Experienced jazz musician & multi-instrumentalist (in the Duncan Anselm                                                                                                 Quintet and Duo with Richard Llewelyn)                                                                                            

"Trichord"                                                                         Jazz Singer Hilda Clemas accompanied on pianos by James Clemas
                                                                                             and Edward Jacobs

"Viva"                                                                                 Honiton based Ladies' choir

Woodbury Wind                                                               Woodbury-based Classical Quartet

BUSKERS                                                                         Dave Bennett from Dalwood - "easy-listening" popular songs

                                                                                             "Shiraz" - Shirley & Sharon - contemporary singer songwriters

                                                                                            "Black Coffee" - East Devon Saxophone Quartet

                                                                                              (who performed in the Church on March 23rd for the Coffee Concert)

                                                                                             " Small Change" - from Sidmouth