Tuckers Jazz




                                  The Tuckers Arms, Dalwood, EX13 7EA, near Axminster.

                                                  Music starts at 8pm  Tickets are £10

                                    t.mackenney111@btinternet.com           01404 831 280

                                                (To book a meal, phone 01404 881 342)


                 The next Tuckers Jazz night (and the last of 2019!) is Saturday 23rd November

               when Annika Skoogh will present her Tribute to Anita O'Day

             accompanied by Craig Milverton - keyboard, Mike Eaves - guitar, Jim Rintoul - bass

                                                         and Coach York - drums

We had a fabulous evening with Tina May and the Craig Milverton Trio  on the 2nd.

                 She really is a superb entertainer - great voice and personality.  

                        I hope she will be able to come back to the Tuckers!


                                                          TINA MAY

                                            and The Craig Milverton Trio 

               Craig on Keyboard, Ashley John Long - bass and Nick Millward - drums



                                                         John Shillito's 

                                                 RIVIERA RAMBLERS

                                “Putting a song in your heart, rhythm in your feet and a smile on your face!”

We are a swinging Six Piece Band attracting a lot of attention and receiving many favourable comments from 

Audiences throughout the Southwest and beyond.

Out repertoire is attractive and accessible – much of it originating from the sounds of the Swing Era of the 30s & 40s

The front line brass and reeds are buoyed by a pulsating rhythm section that adds echoes of Parisian Gipsy Jazz of

The Hot Club of France.

Our music is created with care and warmth and is melodic, memorable and foot-tapping with occasional engaging

 vocals from John and Zoe.

                                                        John Shillito                     leader and trumpet

                                           Zoe Lambeth                     clarinet and alto sax                                                                                                           

                                                        Bob Martin                        trombone

                                                        Dale & John Whitlock        guitars 

                                           Pete Furnish                      bass


                                FROM  THE MATT CARTER SEPTET

                            on August 15th


                                We had a great evening with

                                                    Matt Carter - Piano

                                                     Joe Lee - Bass

                                                     Luca Caruso - Drums

                                                     Alex Ridout - Trumpet

                                                     Harry Greene - Tenor Sax

                                                     Jonny Ford - Alto Sax

                                                     Harry Maund - Trombone



                  A totally fascinating evening on Saturday 8th June

                                      with The Kings of the Keyboard !

                            DAVE NEWTON & CRAIG MILVERTON

           who delighted a packed house at the Tuckers with their 

  amazing skill - and humour too - picking up each others musical

  ideas and then developing themes.   I was completely riveted - 

                         as were the very appreciative Audience.  

                      Thanks to all who were able to come along.


                                They're coming back on Feb 29th 2020!!

                                Some great tunes and a very varied programme on

                              Saturday with Jeremy Huggett's 

                                        "BAND OF GOLD"


              with Jeremy on saxes, flute, clarinet & vocals,  Guy Shotton on piano, 

                              Federico Leonari - double bass,  Eddie Johns - drums




                  On the 16th April, we had a great evening with the very talented 

                                  Amy Roberts and her Quintet

                                and this is the email she sent the next day … 

                                "Thank you for having us, Tina! We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening..... 

                                                       what a wonderfully appreciative audience!!"

     Amy on clarinet, flute & sax, Richard Exall on saxes and vocals, the welcome return of 

                Dave Newton on piano, Nick Millward - drums and Ashley John Long - bass



The Quintet will play from 8 - 10pm

The Tuckers Arms, Dalwood, EX13 7EG, near Axminster

Please park in the Village Hall Car Park.

Tickets are £10  from t.mackenney111@btinternet.com          01404 831 280        07999 553477

We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the music.

            A fabulous evening in March with Julian Marc Stringle, Alan Barnes, Nick Millward, Craig Milverton and 

                                                                       Ashley John Long.

                                 A PACKED HOUSE FOR LA VIE EN ROSE!

                                                           on Feb 16th

                                   and what an amazing appreciative Audience!

                                 Thank you so much everyone for your support.

  You'll be pleased to know that La Vie en Rose will back on Saturday July 6th performing the Evening Concert at

                                                DALWOOD MUSIC DAY

       Saturday July 6th Saturday July 6th Saturday July 6th Saturday July 6t

' L A  V I E  E N  R O S E ' .

five musicians with wide-ranging individual 

backgrounds in classical music, traditional jazz, 

rock, blues, country, ragtime and roots, pulled 

together by the shared pleasure of gypsy jazz 

and hot swing.

          Laurie Light - guitar, David Jones - guitar, Nick White (Chris Barber Band) - clarinet

                                          Rebecca Wilson - violin and Yann Mahjoub - bass

                               Wow!!  What a fabulous evening on Saturday 26th January

                                               with Vocalist Louise Parker from Plymouth

                                                       and her talented Trio

                          Martin Jenkins on keyboard, Jim Rintoul on bass and Ric Byer on drums

   A stunning performance by Louise with a very varied programme of upbeat songs & soulful ballads



Louise Parker is a Jazz and Soul vocalist based in Plymouth.                               

She grew up in a house filled with music - from folk, calypso & opera enjoyed by her Jamaican-born mother to trad, swing & be-bop by her jazz-obsessed father. 

She was aptly named after Louis Armstrong and was born to create the sort of soulful sound that is earning her a great reputation in the jazz world.

                                                   Tuckers Jazz Club

                               The Tuckers Arms, Dalwood  EX13 7EG

             Just north of the A35 between Axminster & Honiton, East Devon

                                   Music 8 - 10pm             Tickets £10

                                      (Book early if  possible please)

                       t.mackenney111@btinternet.com     01404 831 280


                         If you plan to eat at The Tuckers, early booking is essential 01404 881 342

                   Saturday November 17th at The Tuckers Arms, Dalwood

                                        (the last Jazz Night of 2018!)

      Matt, Leigh, Luca & Tom gave us a marvellous evening of music and weren't at all phased by 

      the power cut!!  Tracey & Craig coped extremely well and managed to get the meals finished  

      and Audience into the Function Room by 8pm.  We all had extra time for chatting by candle 

      light and when power was  finally restored, the lads continued playing 'til 10.30pm

        Briony Rose sings & plays washboard                       Liam Ward sings, plays harmonica & jug!


                      Chris Walker

                  The legendary Jim Mullen

                             Neil Burns

 Coach York          Kevin Sanders



                     Derek Nash                                                                       Martin Dale             
             (Jools Holland R&B Band)                                                       

                                                                  Craig Milverton

               We're so lucky in East Devon to have access to such talent!


2019  DIARY

Jan  26th         Louise Parker (vocalist)& Martin Jenkins Trio.  

Feb 16th         La Vie en Rose  - gipsy jazz

March 23rd     Alan Barnes, Julian Marc Stringle & the Craig Milverton Trio

April 16th        Amy Roberts Quintet

May 18th         Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold

June 8th          Craig Milverton and Dave Newton   - 2 pianos!!

July 6th            DALWOOD MUSIC DAY  - Jazz, Pop, Classical, Folk & Buskers!

Augt 15th   Thursday     Matt Carter's New Septet!

Sept 7th           John Shillito's "Riviera Ramblers"

Oct 5th            Bruce Adams with the Martin Dale Qtet

Nov. 2nd         Tina May (vocalist) & The Craig Milverton Trio

Nov 23rd         Annika Skoogh - Anita O'Day Tribute

Dec. 21st         One Foot in the Groove …..not Jazz ... but it's great fun when this

                        fab "60s Trio"  entertain at the Kroft Originals Annual Christmas                            


Jan  18th          Louise Parker & The Martin Jenkins Trio

Feb  1st            Derek Nash & Martin Dale Quartet

Feb 29th           Dave Newton & Craig Milverton - 2 pianos

March 21st      Jake Leg Jug Band

April 24th  Friday  Pete Oxley & Neil Meier

May 9th           Simon Spillet & Martin Dale Quartet  

July 4th            DALWOOD MUSIC DAY

Oct 17th           Bruce Adams, Alan Barnes & the Martin Dale Quartet

Dec 5th             Annika Skoogh & the Craig Milverton Trio      


                Thank you all for supporting the Jazz Club.

       Keep booking the tickets! - and we'll be able to have more

                        amazing Musicians & Singers.

Look at all the marvellous Musicians & Singers we've had at the Tuckers Jazz Club!!

Jazz Musicians and Singers who have appeared at the Tuckers Jazz Club so far-

ALAN BARNES and The Matt Carter Trio


Amy Roberts/Richard Exall Quintet - with Dave Newton - piano

ANDY COOPER - ex Kenny Ball JB with Chris Walker's Swingtet                                       

Annika Skoogh Quartet: 

Annika Skoogh & Orpheus

Ashley John Long - bass player from Cardiff

"Birds on a Wire":  Julie Dunn & Charlotte Storey 

BRUCE ADAMS with Martin Dale Quartet

Charlie Hearnshaw's "Munjenta Cafe" Latin Jazz Quintet                                                               

Chris Walker's Swingtet with ANDY COOPER

Chris Walker's Pedigree Jazz Band

City Steam Jazz Band

Clive Smith's Arcadia Jazz Band

Coach York - drums

Craig Milverton Trio

Dan Pogorzelski Quartet  



DEREK NASH (from Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra)

Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra

DOMINIC ASHWORTH with the Craig Milverton Trio

Duncan Anselm Quintet

Fliss Gorst's "Jivestar" with Kai Hofmann

Fliss Gorst's "Bond Tribute"

The Fliss Gorst Quartet

Gary Evans - drums

Gatsby Gang with Rachael Roberts

The Jake Leg Jug Band


Jim Newton's Fifty Shades of Jazz

Jim Newton's Fifty Shades of Mainstream

John Shillito & his Select Four

John Shillito's Riviera Ramblers

Julie Dunn Trio:

JULIAN MARC STRINGLE "Tribute to Gershwin"

Kevin Sanders - bass

La Vie en Rose

LAURA COLLINS "Tribute to Gershwin"

LEE GIBSON & the Martin Dale Quartet

Louise Parker - with Martin Jenkins, Ric Byer & Jim Rintoul

Leigh Coleman with the Matt Carter Trio

Maggie Reeday Quartet 

Martin Dale Quartet

Martin Jenkins - piano

Matt Carter Quartet

Mike Denham - solo piano

"Misty Roses" - Sue King & Peter Fung

Neil Burns - guitar

Neil Maya's Brubeck Project

Nick Millward - drummer (ex Kenny Ball JB)


Pete Allen with Roger Marks' "Brass Farthings"

Pete Canter's "Light Flight"

Rachael Roberts

Richard Llewelyn


Roger Marks' Armada Jazz Band

Roger Marks' "Brass Farthings":

Roger Marks' Cornish Armada JB

Sunset Cafe Stompers

TBR Quartet with Rachael Roberts

Three Counties Swing Band with Kevin Dunn

TINA MAY with Craig Milverton Trio

Tony Roberts Quintet

Trichord - James & Hilda Clemas and Ed Jacobs

                      Gigs start at 8pm.  Tickets can be bought at the Door or in advance from Tina 01404 831 280                       

If you would like to be on the mailing list for Music Events at the Tuckers, please email

  t.mackenney111@btinternet.com or phone 01404 831 280

                  Roger Beaujolais                                                      Neil Burns      

                      Kevin Sanders                                                      Coach York






     Since the Autumn of 2013 there have been monthly Jazz nights at the Tuckers Arms (EX13 7EG)

                                           in Dalwood, just off the A35 near Axminster.

 The best route to take is from the A35 between Axminster and Honiton.

 Turn off the A35 at Andrewshayes Holiday Park (EX13 7DY) and then immediately Right (to Dalwood)

  After 3/4 mile,  T junction, turn Left (to Dalwood).

  After 1/4 mile,  Crossroads turn Right into the Village.

  The Tuckers is on the RHS.  Car Park is opposite, up an alley.

The Tuckers Arms is in the centre of Dalwood

 EX13 7EG - on the north side of the A35

 between Axminster & Honiton

                 Excellent food & a warm welcome!