Monthly concerts in St. Peters


on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 10.30am.

Donations this year to Shelter Box

                       The next Coffee Concert is on Wednesday 28th June with

                                                            "MAGGIE'S MIX"

from Yarcombe



      Maggie Lane brings her mixed Choir from Yarcombe to perform some lively & entertaining songs.

                   If you love to sing-along, then come to St. Peter's 10.30am on the 28th and

                                                            you won't be disappointed!

                                                Free coffee, biscuits and 1/2 hour's fun!!

                                                     Retiring collection for Shelter Box.



                           MAGGIE'S MIX

  Thanks again to Richard Llewelyn who gave us a great concert on May 24th

                  Richard Llewelyn

             Richard with "The Gatsby Gang"

         who will be appearing in The Tuckers

            on 1st July - Dalwood Music Day



                                            We raised £348 in 2016

  Thanks to all the supporters of these monthly Coffee Concerts who have given

  so generously to our Charity in 2016 ... DEVON AIR AMBULANCE

  We thank in particular all the wonderful musicians, singers & speakers from near and

  far (see list below) who have given up their time to entertain us.

  And thanks to Sue Drew who is always on hand to make the coffee!


Everyone who has performed at a Monthly Coffee Concert in St. Peter's Church since October 2014.

(alphabetical order)

Black Coffee: - Andy Davey, Carolyn Fry, Julian Roundhill & Judith                         

                                                                                   Axminster, Allsaints & Lyme

Brian Eddy                                                                                               Dalwood

Caroline Nunns                                                                                       Dalwood

Dave Bennett                                                                                           Dalwood

Hazel & Dave                                                                                             Uplyme

Hilary Drew JP                                                                                        Sidmouth

Hilary Horley, Gay Atkinson & Caroline Nunns                             Dalwood Honiton


Sue Hunnisett                                                                                          Dalwood
Jackie Edwards                                                                                      Launceston

Judith Burke                                                                                          Lyme Regis

Kroft Originals                                                                                         Dalwood

Laura Gadd                                                                                              Exmouth

Martin & Caroline Nunns                                                                         Dalwood  

Michael Shaw                                                                                            Allsaints
Old Peculiars & Kathy Laing                                                                      Dalwood

Piping Hot:   Annette Freathy, Maggie Lane & Michael Bradbury 

                                                                            Branscombe Yarcombe Dalwood

Rachel Burrough, Margaret Hurford & Dylan Burrough                             Axminster

Richard Llewelyn                                                                                         Chard

Sue Hunnisett                                                                                         Dalwood          

Revd. Nigel Freathy                                                                             Branscombe