Village Events


                                          Dalwood Mini-Music Day returns on 

                          Wednesday 9th  August 2023. 

      Three venues - 

                          St. Peter's Church and The Village Hall

                                      and  The Tuckers Arms          

                                            11.30am - 10pm

Musicians and singers:

                            Alan West and Friends

   Alan West, for many years, has been regarded as having one of the finest country

   music voices to come out of the UK. His emotional, yet informative way of singing

   a story, has moved many an audience all over the world.

   Singing songs he believes in, songs full of emotion, images, stories and truths, is

   where he’s at home.     Expect interpretations of familiar country, Americana & folk

   classics and an introduction to not so familiar songs and indeed songwriters, and a

   unique, emotional, dynamic and entertaining show.

   Today he is joined by Adam Sweet on guitar & Nick Bayes on bass......

   "If you are true to the music, the music will be true to you, and Alan West is very

   much  the embodiment of that for me" - BOB HARRIS OBE, BBC Radio 2

   “Alan West is a UK Treasure. His masterful interpretation of both classic and original

    Americana songs, together with his easy-going stage demeanour, gives the

   impression of a laid back, front porch musical presentation, but with the

   professionalism that very few can carry off so effortlessly".      Maverick Magazine

 The Chantry Buoys

 Another year and The Chantry Buoys are a little more crabby.  Some of us are

sporting new mullets though.  Why not hake your way along to a Chantry Buoys'   

gig.     You won’t hear any rock or sole but you will hear us ling some songs in

The Quay of Sea.     You know it’s going to be brill. Never mind the pollack, it’s ....... 

                                                               The Chantry Buoys!

Dave Newton and Craig Milverton

Two of Britain's top Jazz Pianists ,and Multiple UK Jazz Award winners Dave Newton

and  Craig Milverton perform together in possibly the most difficult duet pairing of

all given the potential multiplicity of notes involved .       With great skill, tastefully

chosen repertoire, almost telepathic communication and much mirthful musical

humour , Dave and Craig provide a truly standout show worthy of their respective

Jazz Heritage . 

                                                                                   Cadillac  Xpress

  Cadillac Xpress plays top-quality Rock n' Roll music from the 50s and 60s, with a range of songs 

  from well-known artists including Bill Haley & The Comets, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats

  Domino, Chuck Berry & Elvis Presley.  Audiences never tire of their music – and the infectious

  rhythms will soon get you up on the floor and dancing!

  The Band features 4 of the UK’s top musicians playing sax, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums & vocals

  The exciting, lively sound appeals to audiences of all ages making Cadillac Xpress one of the most

   popular R & R Bands.

Jeremy Huggett- sax, keyboard, vocals, Tom Harvey - guitar,

Simon Smith - bass and Steve Street - drums

Exmouth A Cappella


"We sing unaccompanied in four-part harmony, using just our voices to create 

the music".

Exmouth A Cappella is a Ladies' Close harmony Chorus which has been

singing all genres of songs - from "Queen"  to "Elbow"- since 2005.

 They take singing to the next level — not simply a single tune but  4 part

  a cappella harmony: music created from four different voice parts that blend

that beautifully into one chord.

The  Jurassix

  Our journey began back in 2011, when the founding Members of The Jurassix were

  all singing in local Choirs.  Us boys tried singing a few Sea Shanties and realised we

  had a real appreciation of shanty music.  We tried a few "turn up and sing" events

  and discovered that people liked listening to our brand of shanty singing - so 

  The Jurassix were born!  Choosing a name was easy - we all live on the Jurassic

  Coast, there was orginally six of us, we are all of a certain age - so that's how

                                       The Jurassix became the name of our Shanty Band.

                                                                              LA VIE EN ROSE

La Vie en Rose

The heartfelt wail of the blues; the sultry heat of the campfire; the crazy swirl of the

bal musette, all fused together ​with virtuosity and passion in the melting pot of

1930’s Paris: the result was gypsy jazz.

Now ‘LA VIE EN ROSE’ play this exuberant, toe-tapping music with a swing and joie-

de-vivre as fresh today as when Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli first

conjured it from the back streets of Pigalle.

                Rebecca Willson - violin.  Nick White - clarinet.  David Jones - guitar

                                       Laurie Light - guitar and Yann Mahjoub - bass

                                                        THE PEAK DISTRICT YOUTH ORCHESTRA


                                                     The Peak District String Orchestra

The Peak District String Orchestra is Peak District Music Centre’s senior string

orchestra. Students are usually mid to late teenagers.  The orchestra has a fine

reputation and over the years has performed in prestigious venues, including the

Royal Albert Hall.

With the enjoyment and enthusiasm that comes from being part of an ensemble,

and encouraged by a wonderful team of experienced and dedicated directors and

players, our young musicians gain in confidence and skill with every rehearsal.

ThePeak District Orchestra is directed  by Gavin  Usher 



"The Cartoon Jazz Project"

The Neil Maya Quartet is a collective of some of the finest musicians based in the

southwest today, dedicated to bringing you some of the finest jazz-based music

that has ever existed.

 Over the years the band has played at most jazz venues in the Southwest and

beyond. Playing with Neil are  James Clemas (keyboard), Gary Evans (drums) and

                                                                       Kevin Sanders ( Bass)